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Pine nuts, commonly known as chilgoza in Pakistan, are edible seeds of pine. Chilgoza is a shelled nut that people consume in various ways, i.e., raw or roasted. Its benefits are bound not only to the human diet but also to animal food for squirrels, chipmunks, black dears, etc. Pakistanis are food lovers and take a broad interest in health and nutrition. They not only cultivate chilgoza themselves but deal with other countries as well.

 Chilgoza Cultivation In Pakistan

According to the research of Pakistan Pine Nuts Production, Pakistan is one of the largest cultivators of chilgoza. Pakistan produces chilgoza in its northern lands of Himalaya forests, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, and Gilgit. In Punjab, the farmers of Kotli Sattian hills also cultivate chilgoza on their lands. A survey by Pakistan Pine Nuts Processing Company states that Pakistan is the third-largest producer of chilgoza after following China being the first and Russia being the second. Chilgoza is a mainly consumed nut in Pakistan, so the farmers take great interest in its cultivation. The favorable soil and climate aid the production of chilgoza throughout the year. So chilgoza is available in the markets throughout the four-season. Especially the premium quality khaas organic chilgoza is second to none in its excellent taste that not only relishes your taste buds but ascertains the complete package of energy and nutrition.

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Health Benefits of Chilgoza 

Strengthen The Heart  

Medical research by Huffpost state States the cardiac benefits of pine nuts. Nutritionists consider chilgoza a perfect remedy for exhausted hearts. Harvard Medical School published the list of nuts good for heart health. The list included chilgoza and stated that pine nuts lower the circumstances leading to death due to heart diseases, as it controls the body’s blood pressure. High blood pressure usually leads to cardiac malfunctioning, so it’s vital to have it checked. These little seeds are packets of benefits for the body and heart. It’s like the universe wonders hidden in small parcels. These nuts can be over consumed with little or no bad outcomes, but it’s better to consume a handful of nuts at least once a day as a snack. 

Strengthen The Bones 

Chilgoza makes the bones stronger. Vitamin K present in chilgoza not only reduces the risk of osteoporosis but also boosts the density of bones and brings about rigidity and robustness in them. By adding chilgoza to the diet, we subtract the risk of fractures and body aches. Therefore the healthcare professionals endorse to keep the handy quantities of nuts in your backpacks all the time to consume as snacks in leisure time, not only to handle the pangs immediately but to add to the body’s ultimate fitness. No wealth, no money, and no luxuries make a man most decadent. It’s the wealth of good health that makes the life of a person prosperous. So, make sure to eat khaas nuts and seeds like chilgoza, giri, and badaam, and don’t succumb to the deteriorating health due to progressing age. Khaas is at your service to take care of you and your loved ones’ health. 

Improve The Vision 

The daily grinds and hectic routines badly exhaust the eyes and dim the vision. A journal published by Medindia wrote the importance of pine nuts for better eyesight. The research proved the magical antidote for blurry optics, provided by eating chilgoza daily. Eating a few ounces of chilgoza routinely improves the eyes’ lenses and keeps them functioning throughout life. The progressing age is a significant factor in the weakening of eye muscles that ultimately vague the vision. So it’s crucial to keep a check on the body’s fitness to keep the machinery of the body running efficiently through the periods.

Aids In Weight Loss 

Medindia published a research paper that stated how chilgoza aids in weight loss. Chilgoza stimulates the release of a particular hormone in the body that suppresses the appetite and ultimately reduces the body’s urge for food. People who want to lose bodyweight or want to stop the craving for food should add chilgoza to their diet. Chilgoza can be consumed easily in raw, along with its shell. You can also sprinkle the crushed chilgoza on salads, soups, muffins, pastries or pasta, etc. Adding a touch of crushed chilgoza to daily meals not only delighted the meal but also evacuated its ever-lasting nutritional benefits on the body. Chilgoza is no doubt the yummiest remedy.

How to consume Chilgoza?

Nuts and seeds are delightful and flavourful small packets loaded with energy. There are many exciting ways to consume nuts in meals.  Apart from eating the raw chilgoza and its shell, you can add it as a garnisher to many delicacies like muffin, cupcake, brownie, pastry, sweet roll, pie crust, bread, and pudding, etc. It can be added to soap, macaroni, spaghetti, lasagne, and pasta, etc.

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