Khajoor Benefits

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Date, also known as khajoor in Pakistan, is an antique fruit native to Iraq. But the desserts of Arab, the Middle East, South Asia, and even the modern world of Spain also grow date palms. Khajoor is one of those fruits that extensively covers the areas of ancient diets in history. Be it religious aspect, nutritional or savor graph, the date marks a distinguished place. 

Date cultivation and employment in Pakistan 

Dawn Paper published an article on October 17, 2020, highlighting the marvels of date agriculture in Pakistan. The research stated that Pakistan is one of the significant producers of the date in the world. Not only it cultivates the palm tree on acres of lands but also employs a lot of workers engaged at farms. Sindh is the pivot of the extensive cultivation of palm trees. Agriculture is central to Khair Pur and Sukkur, where 70 percent of the province’s cultivation takes place. Sindh grows about 20 varieties of date. Seventy-five thousand acres of the land in Sindh are bound to date farming. The healthiest organic trees are grown, each loaded with nearly a hundred kilograms of dates. Such massive cultivation employed about 90,000 workers off-season and almost 450,000 workers during the agricultural season. The locals of Sindh are highly dependent on khajoor not only for food but living and business.

 Punjab also produces dates on a commercial scale in the regions of Muzaffar Ghar and Jhang. Similarly, the soil of Turbat and Punjgur in Balochistan is very favorable to date farming. KPK also contributes to Pakistan’s total date production. 

Dates are either dried, called ‘chuara’, and exported to neighboring countries or sold in local markets. The locals of Pakistan prefer the soft date. 

Aseel Dates of Pakistan

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Aseel is the most common variety of dates consumed in Pakistan. According to research by Asian Food International, Pakistan is a central producer of Aseel date. Sindh mainly produced brown oval-shaped Aseel khajoor and exported it to Arabia, Denmark, India, Bangladesh, USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and Germany. Pakistanis mainly consume Aseel khajoor in their diet. That’s the reason Aseel is found effortlessly in all the regional market locations. 

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Health Benefits of Date

Substitute For White Sugar 

Dates are an excellent substitute for white sugar because of the high level of fructose in it. According to the nutritional magazine of Healthline, dates can be used in a paste form to substitute white sugar. It’s preferable to blend sugar and water to make a paste. A healthy kitchen must have a jar of date paste. A journal published by Times of India stated the ill effects of refined sugar. It noted the detrimental effects of white sugar, such as devastating effects on body sugar level, diabetes, obesity, liver ailments, pancreatic disorders, dementia, or even cancer. So it’s healthful to avoid white sugar no matter how savory it tastes. 

Reduces Labor Pain 

Dates are the best natural remedies when it comes to labor pain. Healthline Nutritional Magazine started the pregnancy based objectives of eating date. The medical study proves that dates promote natural labor. It reduces the labor pain and assists the delivery. Healthcare workers recommend pregnant ladies to add the date to their diet. First Cry Parenting states the medical benefits of eating dates for pregnant women. Eating date, especially during the last trimester or, more precisely, the ninth month of pregnancy, contributes to easy labor. No medicine can beat a natural remedy in terms of safe treatment. Natural remedies endorse no side effects. It’s better to avoid pills and tablets and opt for safe medicine. Khaas dates are the most reliable suppliers of organic dates, which are safe go the health of any pregnant women. 

Health benefits from a religious point of view 

Dates hide the wonders of shifa in it. British Muslim Magazine published the religious aspects of eating sugar. It stated the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He (PBUH) used to break his fast with dates or dried grapes and freshwater. Prophet ( PBUH) said that; 

” If anyone of you is fasting, let him break his fast with a date.” 

Sunan al-Tirmidhī 695

Hazrat Anas( RA)narrated that the messenger of Allah would never go for eid prayer unless he had eaten a date. Date fruit and tree were very dear to our Prophet( PBUH), and date is mentioned in the Holy Quran more than 20 times. A hadees narrates as;

“People in a house without dates are in a state of hunger.” 

Sahih Muslim, Hadith: 5304/5

All this emphasis on eating date marks the health benefits of dates for physical and spiritual fitness. Therefore, especially during the months of Ramadan, Muslim households keep dates in their diet.

Improves Infant’s Health

Firstcry Parenting published the usefulness of dates to an infant. As the dates are heart-healthy, parents should feed dates to the infants at about six months of age. As a baby’s body requires many minerals and vitamins for healthy development and growth of mind and body, the milk alone can’t satisfy the requirements. It’s vital to add dates to the baby’s feed for dates, enhance brain development and liver protection, strengthen the teeth, provides a remedy for dysentery and gastric ulcer, provides relief from constipation, and nourish the body during fever and smallpox. 

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